Steve Frederickson

I make technology to enable people

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Hi, I’m Steve! I make great software by combining the hard work of talented people with a healthy serving of data analytics, pragmatic decisionmaking, and design sense. Across multiple industries, I’ve helped teams solve the right problems so customers can get the most value.



I made Chronicle, a literature-media platform with hundreds of stories by authors around the world. Chronicle makes fiction accessible to a new audience in an easy-to-use app, so you can Sail the World without losing your place in line.


Steve is a reader and a learner. He really spends the time thinking through the industry, Windows, user experience, and how to impact and delight customers.

— Former teammate at Microsoft


Picture Frame Builder

I made Picture Frame Builder, an ecommerce website with the goal of putting your favorite memories on your wall. Ordering an entirely custom product online is not an easy task, so I invented an augmented-reality preview that works seamlessly with the ordering experience.


I’ve really enjoyed adding this minimalist & clean app into my daily routine […] I’ve finally started reading again

App Store review for Chronicle



Alongside an incredibly talented team, I overhauled the notifications UX for Windows 10. We unified the way apps talk to you—all the way back to Windows 95, streamlined the soundscape of Windows from over a dozen sound events to just two, and worked with partner teams to make a modern Quick Settings interface so you could get back to what you were doing faster. And of course it all works with touch, mouse, keyboard, and pen.